If you are looking to buy a new laptop in Mumbai, there are some points that you should consider. These points will help you get the right laptop for your needs and budget.

Choose The Operating System

When looking at a new laptop, you have to consider the operating system you want. The systems you can choose from are Windows, Mac, and Chrome OS. Windows is considered the most flexible with a wider range of laptop models hosting the system. Mac is often more expensive and will only be available on Apple products. Chrome OS is found only on the Chromebooks but, is considered limited with many of the apps only working when you are connected to the internet.

Do You Want A 2-In-1

There are now laptops that fall into the 2-in-1 category and can switch between laptop and tablet modes. Some of these devices will have a detachable screen while others bend on 360-degree hinges to allow you to use the screen as a tablet. The bendable devices have a better battery life but, they will both have lower specs than a standard laptop.

Choosing The Right Size

There are four common sizes when it comes to laptops, and they are 11 to 12 inches, 13 to 14 inches, 15 inch and 17 to 18 inches. The smaller laptops will be the lightest but, the 13 to 14-inch laptops offer the best balance between technical specs and portability. The most popular size is the 15 inch and should be considered if you are not going to be moving your laptop around much in Mumbai city. The largest size should only be used if you are never going to transport your laptop.

Check The Keyboard And Touchpad

You could have a laptop with the best specs in the world but, if you have a bad keyboard or touchpad, you will not be able to use the specs correctly. If you are going to be working on the laptop, often you have to test the keyboard and see that it offers excellent response times and that the distance of the keys is comfortable. You also need to consider the vertical travel of the keys because this can affect your comfort when typing.

The touchpad should offer precise movements and respond consistently. If buying a business laptop, you might want to consider one with a pointing stick between the G and H keys. This can help you navigate the screen without having to lift your fingers off the touchpad.

Choose Your Specs

Once you have carefully considered the construction of the laptop, you will need to look at the specs. You need to consider the CPU with the most common being an Intel Core i5 but, an i7 should be considered for high-end performance. You will want to have at least 4GB of RAM but if you can get 8GB that would be better. It is recommended that you try getting a new laptop in Mumbai with a solid state drive instead of regular hard drive as it offers faster speeds.